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Agilent Hycor

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HYCOR, an Agilent Technologies division, manufactures and markets high-quality diagnostic products used in clinical laboratories throughout the world to test for a range of medical disorders. Our focus is on applications where we can provide the highest value to clinicians in terms of innovation, reliability and customer service. HYCOR headquarters are located in the United States and supported by facilities worldwide.

Agilent, a world leader in the development of bioanalytical and electronic measurement, is committed to developing new products and technologies that bring actionable information to laboratories and clinicians in a cost-effective manner, improving patient care and contributing to healthcare cost containment. More

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HYCOR was founded in 1981 as an R&D company under the name Hybridoma Sciences. The focus of the company at that time was on antibodies and bioreagents. The company completed its public offering in 1983 and entered the clinical diagnostics market in 1984. A series of acquisitions expanded the company’s presence into urinalysis, allergy testing, and autoimmune testing. HYCOR was acquired by Agilent Technologies in 2007.

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  • 公司名安捷伦科技有限公司Agilent
  • 英文名: Agilent Seahorse
  • 核心产品: 细胞分析仪
  • 区域: -上海-上海
  • 地址: 上海市虹口区四川北路1350号16楼
  • 联系人: Mary Li
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全球测量领域的领导者 当测量至关重要时,安捷伦为工程师、科学家、制造商、企业、研究人员和政府机构提供多种工具和解决方案。从家庭娱乐到国土安全,从食品安全到网络可靠性,从无线通信到发现疾病遗传基理,安捷伦提供多种测量工具来提高用户的工作效率,并使全球成为更加安全、更加健康、更适合人类居住的乐土. 没有一家公司可以提供如此广泛、先进的测量工具和专业知识,来满足全球电子和生物分析测量领域的严格要求。安捷伦公司历史悠久,并始终致力于发展测量技术,无论从任何角度衡量,都是当之无愧的全球行业领导者.