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韩国AbFrontier  www.abfrontier.com
Nowadays, the toughest challenge in the post-genome era is believed to generate protein-specific antibodies that serve to explore the human proteome. Applying antibodies to the R&D field, diagnostic and therapeutics requires a remarkable level of specificity.

AbFRONTIER is an innovative antibody company aiming specificity and sensitivity with original and the best capture antibody technologies. Although AbFRONTIER’s initiative was concentrated on providing Reactive Oxygen Signaling (ROS) pathway products, our ongoing R&D activities have resulted in ever-broadening focus and product line, which have expanded into such areas as Neuroscience, Serum Proteins and specific antibodies for post-translational modification. Furthermore, we have produced several series of the first oxidation specific antibodies in the world, as an indication of our innovation and expertise.

In addition to manufacturing products, our highly-qualified scientists provide an array of services, including: proteome analysis, DNA cloning, Protein purification, antibody production and virus construction.

Without exception, our production and services are conducted in adherence to a strict quality program. Customers may be confident that should technical support be required, it is provided by the scientist who made their product and understands it best.

We constantly strive to provide the best products to satisfy the needs of our researchers.


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