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  • 品牌简介: 通用电气集团分析仪器 通用电气集团分析仪器公司 通用电气集团分析仪器公司简介通用电气集团分析仪器公司,是通用电气公司水处理和工艺技术部的一个部门,为更简单、更快捷、更精确的分析提供最先进的仪器。通过结合最先进的化学、分子和原子物理测量技术,以及优异的过程设计,通用电气集团分析仪器公司开发出了世界上最灵敏的实验室和过程控制仪器。 通用电气集团分析仪器公司以产品创新而闻名遐迩,并且拥有 30 多项专利。公司承诺通过优异的技术、制造能力和产品支持,使客户得到最大的满意。通用电气集团分析仪器公司,
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通用电气集团分析仪器公司以产品创新而闻名遐迩,并且拥有 30 多项专利。公司承诺通过优异的技术、制造能力和产品支持,使客户得到最大的满意。通用电气集团分析仪器公司,从位于上海的世界著名的通用电气中国技术中心,为中国市场提供服务。
GE Analytical Instruments, a division of GE Water & Process Technologies, was conceived with the belief that if you cannot measure it, then you cannot control it. Today GE Analytical Instruments is totally committed to providing measurement solutions that are critical to our customers’ needs. The innovative technologies, insightful methods, and dependable support we provide our customers are based on an intimate understanding of our customers’ processes and the measurements that limit their success. This basis is not new, but goes back to our roots more than three decades ago.

The company began in the late 1960s, as Ionics Instrument Division, when Ionics Inc., a pioneer in providing innovative water management solutions, formed a cooperative agreement with the Union Carbide Corporation. The successful association ultimately led to acquisition and transfer of Union Carbide’s thermocatalytic total organic carbon (TOC) technology for analysis of carbon content in process waters. Shortly thereafter, Ionics Instrument Division licensed total oxygen demand (TOD) technology from the Dow Chemical Company for rapid determination of oxygen demand in process waters. These complementary and ground-breaking answers to difficult and time-consuming process measurement problems comprised an important part of Ionics’ strategy to provide water purification and control solutions to its rapidly growing range of customers. By the mid 1970’s Ionics Instrument Division was firmly established and playing a key role in routinely solving water management problems. Ionics brand analyzers number in the thousands today and are providing solutions on every continent.

Sievers Instruments, Inc. was formed in 1984 by two colleagues from the University of Colorado, Dr. Misha Plam and Professor Robert Sievers. Based on innovative chemiluminescence technology, Sievers Instruments developed a novel detector designed for determination of nitric oxide that has since become the standard for biomedical research into the role of nitric oxide in biological systems. Based on the this core chemiluminescence technology, Sievers subsequently introduced the Sulfur Chemiluminescence Detector (SCD), leading to more than 1,000 SCD instruments installed worldwide for use in a broad range of applications.

Sievers Instruments’ most widely used product line, however, evolved from work done under a NASA contract to develop an instrument to monitor drinking water quality in space. The Model 800 Total Organic Carbon Analyzer represented a true breakthrough in TOC analysis and since its introduction in 1993, the Model 800 technology has grown into a product family that has earned market leadership positions in both semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries.

In January 1997, a Sievers TOC instrument developed for NASA was tested successfully on the Atlantis/Mir space shuttle mission and its successor is currently installed on the International Space Station. Ionics acquired Sievers Instruments in 1996, leading to the establishment of Ionics Instrument Business Group. Today, Sievers brand products are known as “the gold standard” in several vital industries.

In 1999, Ionics Instruments further expanded its range of measurement solutions by acquiring Agar Environmental, Ltd. Founded in 1990, Ionics Agar Environmental Ltd. specializes in developing, manufacturing and marketing state-of-the-art environmental protection and process control systems. Leakwise® brand products detect and continuously monitor the presence and changes in very thin layers of contaminating hydrocarbons. With these highly sensitive and robust environmental monitoring technologies, Ionics Instruments’ range of products and solutions have expanded out of the laboratory and factory, into the very locations that present the most difficult measurement problems.

In February, 2005, GE Infrastructure, Water & Process Technologies acquired the Ionics, Inc. holdings, including Ionics Instruments. GE Water & Process Technologies is a leading global supplier of water, wastewater and process systems solutions that delivers customer value by improving performance and product quality and by reducing operating costs and extending equipment life in a broad range of products and services. These products and services are used to optimize total water/process system performance, safeguard customer assets from corrosion, fouling and scaling, and protect the environment through water and energy conservation. (For more information about GE’s Water & Process Technologies business and its product offerings, please visit

Today, GE Analytical Instruments manufacturers, markets, and distributes some of the world's most sensitive, selective, and robust scientific instruments for chemical analysis. GE Analytical Instruments' Sievers© and Leakwise© brand instruments incorporate a variety of technical innovations that are protected by more than 30 patents, and play a critical role in more than 8000 installations worldwide.



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