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  • 品牌简介: ESS 美国ESS ESS是运作风险管理软件和服务的主要提供商,该软件用于环境、健康与安全(EH&S)及危急管理。该公司已经向世界范围内的企业、政府机构和其他组织提供了35000套Compliance SuiteTM及Essential SuiteTM软件适用许可证书。 ESS is the leading provider of local and global Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) and Crisis Management sustainability softwar
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ESS是运作风险管理软件和服务的主要提供商,该软件用于环境、健康与安全(EH&S)及危急管理。该公司已经向世界范围内的企业、政府机构和其他组织提供了35000套Compliance SuiteTM及Essential SuiteTM软件适用许可证书。
ESS is the leading provider of local and global Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) and Crisis Management sustainability software platforms for Governance, Risk, and Compliance and operational excellence. ESS software enables organizations to execute on initiatives for corporate sustainability, environmental stewardship, health & safety, and greenhouse gas emissions management. ESS` integrated solutions move organizations beyond compliance reporting, transforming environmental and crisis data into performance metrics that drive out operational expenses and risk. ESS software continues to be the preferred platform for companies that want to consolidate their EHS functions and data into a single system that enables efficient management across the enterprise. The company has provided global and local software solutions for thousands of businesses, government agencies and other organizations worldwide.
As the market leader in compliance management software our customer base is over 20 times that of our nearest competitor. Customers include organizations in virtually every industry, many institutional and government bodies within the U.S. and around the world, as well as more than 60 of the Fortune 100. Equally important, our customer retention rate is over 90%, the highest in the industry reflecting our commitment to total customer satisfaction.
Organizations turn to us because we can offer them their choice of technology platforms. Our solutions are available in client-hosted, browser-based, client server, and ASP-hosted configurations. So, while other systems on the market are generally limited to a single delivery platform, we provide our solutions in whichever platform is best to meet each client's needs.

Our clients also appreciate the strength and stability of ESS itself. Several of our competitors, who emerged during the tumultuous dotcom and ASP era, have since disappeared -- leaving their customers with orphaned products and no upgrade path or support. ESS is a solid, growing business. For decades, we have provided the proven tools and expertise that our clients need and we are fully committed to continuing that tradition of excellence.

Industry Leadership

As advances in database design and software architecture became available, ESS leveraged the new technologies and over 20 years in the business to integrate data and compliance functions. This new 'EH&S infrastructure' helped ESS' customers share data and functionality among users, streamline data collection, management and reporting, and generally promote company-wide visibility and processes. Today, ESS' Microsoft .Net based client, web browser and ASP hosted Essential Suite and Compliance Suite solutions represent the most complete and integrated EH&S and crisis management infrastructure solution available and are an exceptional business value.
ESS has moved beyond simply integrating data and functionality to supporting the uninterrupted flow of compliance information -- from wireless data collection, browser based 'plug and play' modules, to sophisticated performance analysis and management, all the way to internet report submission directly to regulatory agencies. This is accomplished all in a real-time or near-time basis.

With our new offerings, organizations can now manage all the critical links of their compliance chain on a single software platform leveraging a completely integrated database. This next-generation technology is complemented with intelligent tools supporting analysis and performance management of the environmental compliance function. For small and medium sized companies, Compliance Suite lets businesses deploy a complete EH&S infrastructure -- either piece-by-piece, or all at once -- that helps them manage the complexities and cut the costs of environmental compliance.

For global enterprises, Essential Suite lets companies optimize compliance processes and performance and cuts the cost of compliance chain management. With unmatched product breadth and state-of-the-art technology, ESS' products offer customers of all sizes a true competitive advantage.

ESS' software is recognized by leading environmental insurance companies for a reduction in user annual premiums. This often provides our clients with an instant Return On Investment.

Global Market Leader

ESS' offerings have grown to include integrated modules for air, water, chemical, and waste inventory and emissions management, hazard communications, compliance management, occupational health, safety, fugitive emissions, and crisis management. The company owns the most substantial intellectual property for regulatory compliance management ever assembled featuring extensive modular functionality, intelligent real-time applications for analytics and decision support and industrial-grade software platforms.
ESS is headquartered in Tempe with major offices in Denver and the Washington, DC area. The company also maintains satellite offices in Boston, York, Pa., Jacksonville, Fla., Houston, Colorado Springs, Colo., Kansas City, Kan. and Los Angeles. The ESS team includes over 100 professionals and staff, including recognized compliance management domain experts in every specialty, plus technology, implementation and business process specialists. ESS is quality driven, profitable, and focused on our customer's satisfaction and the ultimate business value derived from our solutions.


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