Agrisera (Agrisera)

  • 品牌所有商: AgriseraAgrisera AB
  • 品牌国别: 其他国家
  • 代表产品:  抗体   多肽   蛋白质  
  • 品牌简介: 瑞典Agriserawww.agrisera.com瑞典Agrisera 公司成立于1980年,以致力于研发高品质的稀有单克隆及多克隆抗体,闻名于业界。由于其抗体主要涉及植物蛋白,因此Agrisera
  • 加入时间: 2011-9-20

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瑞典Agrisera 公司成立于1980年,以致力于研发高品质的稀有单克隆及多克隆抗体,闻名于业界。由于其抗体主要涉及植物蛋白,因此Agrisera作为植物抗体品牌在全球具有较高的知名度。此外,针对植物蛋白质的保守氨基酸序列,Agirsera还独家开发了数十种通用抗体(globe antibodies),这类抗体几乎可以与所有的高等生物有免疫交叉反应,可为研究人员提供极为方便的选择。这里面就包括了常用的植物内参抗…


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关于所有商Agrisera (Agrisera)

  • 公司名Agrisera
  • 英文名: Agrisera AB
  • 核心产品: 抗体,生物试剂
  • 区域: -其他-其他
  • 地址: 21 Vännäs, SWEDEN, Europe
  • 联系人: Dr. Joanna Porankiewicz-Asplund
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The Swedish company Agrisera was established in 1985. For a long time, the company has been committed to the research and development and sales of proteins and antibodies required for research on plant and algal cell biology. The unique products are dedicated has been developed often in worldwide collaboration with leading laboratories in plant and algal cell biology research and research centres as Ume? Plant Science Centre. “Fast, collaborative and efficient” this is what Agrisera customers are saying about us for the last 20 years.? Agrisera''''s antibodies are reactive with tens of thousands of plant and algae samples. Based on the analysis of worldwide publications, Agrisera received a title of “Plant Science Antibody Supplier of the Year '''''''' fromCiteAB since most of publications in plant science were done with antibodies from Agrisera. Beside antibodies for research on plant and algal cell biology, Agrisera is also offering unique antibodies for other species, as bacteria, fungi, insects, and fish. Antibodies for plant science include many model species, like:? Arabidopsis thaliana, Hordeum vulgare, Chlamydomonas reinhardtii, Cyanobacteria, Physcomitrella patens, Oryza sativa, Populus sp, Conifers and many others and cover a broad range of various research areas like: photosynthesis, environmental stress, hormones and developmental biology. Agrisera is continuously developing new research antibodies.