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Bio X Cell致力于为您提供超纯、低内毒素抗体,无需防腐剂或稳定剂,针对体内临床前研究所需的特性良好的新型抗原。我们的目标是以优异的价格提供抗体,并以卓越的客户服务为后盾,促进科学发现和创新的发展。

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  • 公司名BioXcell
  • 英文名: The global source for in vivo grade antibodies
  • 核心产品: InVivoMab
  • 区域: -其他-West Lebanon
  • 地址: 39 Labombard Rd Lebanon, NH 03766 USA
  • 联系人: BioXcell
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Bio X Cell strives to provide you with ultra-pure, low endotoxin antibodies—formulated without preservatives or stabilizers—targeting both well-characterized and novel antigens in the large quantities required for in vivo pre-clinical studies. Our aim is to facilitate the advancement of scientific discovery and innovation by providing antibodies at outstanding prices and backing them up with exceptional customer service.