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  • 品牌国别: 美国
  • 代表产品:  临床及实验用试剂  
  • 品牌简介: IBL-America 美国IBL-America  www.ibl-america.com IBL-America成立于1997年,以提供高质量临床及实验用试剂为目标,产品领域广括Auto
  • 加入时间: 2009-11-27

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美国IBL-America  www.ibl-america.com
IBL-America成立于1997年,以提供高质量临床及实验用试剂为目标,产品领域广括Autoimmunity,Endocrinology,Infectious disease,Oncology and Neuroscience等;以ELISA, LUM, RIA, RRA,IRMA,IFA,antibodies为主要产品线。IBL-America并与KMI Diagnostics, Inc.合作进行实验测试服务,强健产品线的优良质量。

• Antibodies
• Autoimmune
• Biogenic Amines/Cytokines
• Hormones/Tumot Markers
• Histochemical Antisera
• IFA Kits
• Infectous Disease Kits
• RIA Kits
• Salivary Testing Kits
• Veterinary ELISA Kits

Since 1997 we have offered high quality clinical laboratory reagent assays for research and clinical testing in various areas including autoimmunity, endocrinology, infectious disease, oncology and neuroscience.

We feature quality ELISA, LUM, RIA, RRA, IRMA and/or IFA diagnostic tools as well as antibodies from a number of high-quality domestic and international manufacturing partners.

We have our own staff of highly qualified and experienced technicians as well as a modern, fully-equipped diagnostics laboratory with capabilities to analyze the majority of the products which we offer.

Also note that through our sister company, KMI Diagnostics, Inc., we offer laboratory testing services for routine diagnostics in addition to our contractual research lab services.


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