TwistAmp exo 用于real-time探针检测,便于实时定量

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    TWISTDX TwistAmp NFO kits


    TwistAmp® 核酸扩增产品,能够在15分钟内进行常温下的单分子核酸检测该技术对硬件设备的要求很低,特别适合用于体外诊断、兽医、食品安全、生物安全、农业等领域。TwistAmp nfo用于末端检测,检测DNA扩增反应. 末端三明治法快速检测,如侧向流试纸法.除基本组分之外, nfo核酶,和适合是LF 探针 形成新的聚合酶增强底物,无需任何仪器。本品可通过加入exo探针作为Amp exo kit的替代物,进行荧光定量检测,由于核酶延缓动态反应速度,可用于末端电泳检测。

    TwistAmp® nfo


    产品货号-TwistAmp® nfo

    产品用途-用于末端检测,检测 DNA 复制反应


    TWISTDX TwistAmp NFO kits假阳性问题解答

    Q:What will cause the false-positive results except DNA contamination?

    A:For the nfo kits another source of false positives is the dimerization of the two primers and in some cases the labeled primer, and the probe.

    When this happens you will have the biotin and FITC on an RPA product that will bind to the Lateral flow strip and bind to the ant-FITC gold particle that will result in a line in the test area on the Lateral Flow Strip.

    The primer sequences and probe sequence should be check for possible dimerization and they may need to be modified and screened.

    There are some basic rules for PCR primers that also hold true for RPA primers. Namely try to avoid:

    1) Long homo-polymer repeats

    2) Repetitive sequences

    3) Regions that could have lots of secondary structure

    4) High (>70%) GC or AT regions

    5)Sequences,likely,to,cause,primer-primer,interaction,(use to check this quickly)


    TwistAmp® 核酸扩增产品,能够在15分钟内进行常温下的单分子核酸检测该技术对硬件设备的要求很低,特别适合用于体外诊断、兽医、食品安全、生物安全、农业等领域。TwistAmp exo 用于real-time探针检测. 除基本组分外, 还含有内切酶3,减少扩增产物的末端拷贝量,所以不能用于电泳分析,但在RPA系统中产生更强的动态荧光信号,便于实时定量。






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