Do secondary antibodies differ only in price?

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     Do secondary antibodies differ only in price? 

    No. Secondary antibodies most importantly differ in respect to dillution they can be applied at. 
    A secondary antibody used in high dilution >1: 25 000 is decreasing the risk of potential cross reactions. 

    Such a reagent will last for many experiments, which will secure usage of the same batch over a longer period of time. 

    An efficient secondary antibody will also shorten your Western blot time, as 1 h/RT incubation will be sufficient. 

    Once you are about to purchase a secondary antibody, pay attention not only to the price/mg or ml of antibody, but carefully check which dilution is recommendedfor the technique you are planning to use. 

    High working dilution is what you should pay most attention to.

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      Secondary antibody comparison
    Agrisera goat anti-rabbit IgG, HRP conjugated antibody (AS09 602) has been used in this Western blot with chemiluminescent detection. 

    This antibody can be used in a minimum dilution of 1: 25 000 1h/RT. 

    The full collection of Agrisera secondary antibodies can be found here




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